Jumping into Love

2013 April 19th - Jump 1

I don’t like to jump…. I have a sore knee and so when I am at Boot-camp I cheat on any exercises that require me to become airborne. The yummy mummies have no such difficulty though, and are full of enthusiasm for the above ground ‘spring’.

This aversion to bounding upwards and forwards extends into all aspects of my life. I am not a person who moves rashly into anything. Speeding downhill on my bike too scary without brakes. I over-think and am more of the ‘measured’ type. But I love to watch the enthusiasm that others enjoy when they wholeheartedly embrace a new opportunity.

I am at peace with the fact that I was not created to leap…
He made me the way I am, it was not a mistake
Fully embracing the truth that I am completely accepted,
just as I am…
Coming to understand my belovedness,
has radicalized my life and freed me
to appreciate myself and others….

I long for the same understanding for everyone. I thank Brennan Manning, who deeply influenced this process for me. He died on this past Friday April 12, at the age of 79. I like to think he leapt into the arms of his Abba. This week I posted one of my favourite quotes of his and I encourage you, if you are still struggling with a sense of having a deficit to find friends who can point you to the Truth that you are loved and accepted just as you are…

Define yourself radically as one beloved by God…
Every other identity is illusion.”

This post was inspired by Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday word: JUMP. I am loving joining other writers each Friday for five minutes of free writing. 

Five Minute Friday