Indescribable Life

2014 Light behind Cloud copy 2013 Pink Sunset Sky copySince we moved homes I have taken a lot of pictures of sunsets.
There is something miraculous in the way the light illuminates the sky with reds, oranges and purples as it progresses towards the horizon. While my words are in adequate to describe a the beauty of a sunset and my limited camera unable to capture the dramatic nature of it, I stand in awe.

I feel His presence. I worship.

As a live my less-hurried, middle-years one of the things I am most grateful for is the fact that I have had the luxury of becoming more aware of everyday glory beyond His creation. Experiencing unexplainable peace in heartbreaking situations or noticing unpredictable magnificence in the midst of messy lives has become another way I see His glory.
Being alive in the story makes me worship.
N. D. Wilson says:
To exist in this poem is a greater gift then any finite creature can imagine. 
To be so insignificant and yet still be given a speaking part, to be given the scenes that are my own, and my own only, scenes where the audience is limited to the Author Himself…, to have been crafted with at least as much care as a snowflake…, 
and to hear and feel and see and taste and smell the heavy poetry of God, that is enough“.
‘Notes from Tilt-A-Whirl’ p.38
Why then, on a daily basis, do I choose the grey lifeless world of impressing people, being concerned about outward appearances, allowing insecurities to play a part in my decisions? How often do I look only at the instant gratification offered by the material world and move towards a disappointing lesser plot?
I have heard the whisper of another way, I have seen the value of walking the indescribable path which makes no sense in this world but always, always brings hope and restoration. What then is behind this tendency to move towards the temporal?
Micha Boyett expresses my frustration this way:
It’s all so complicated, I think. What we live our lives for. How we worship. Who and what we worship. There are so many unsaid things, so many reasons God becomes shadow, slips through our fingers
‘Simplicity, Complexity and Faith’ at  ‘Deeper Story’ (
2014 Full Sky Sunset  copy2013 Sunset over Sea 1 - Web
I am grateful that Jesus is patient with me and that I experience Him even in the midst of situations where my focus is selfish and self-serving. I am, however, especially thankful as He draws me back to Himself and reminds me that there is another way of doing life.
When I fall into my one true Life, which is “hidden with Christ in God” something miraculous takes place. The “indescribable” locks into focus. It is then that I again find myself without adequate words to label my awareness but it isn’t a dream.
God’s kingdom intersects with my experience of this world.
In Union with Him I know joy and stand in awe.
I worship.
2014 Sunset behind Apes Hill Palms copy