A Life Lost

2. 2014 Hope February 1st - Sunset 1

Mangled metal, shattered shards
A life destroyed, innocence lost
Hope set adrift
Where is the answer to such horrendous and unfair suffering?
What does one say to hemorrhaging human pain?
How does Love reach those who are desolate deep in their hearts?
How is balance restored to a faith wobbling?

There are no answers…

Only small transformations in our hearts
Pain alters our perspective
Devastating loss reminds us we have needs beyond what we can manage
Our only hope Lord
Is in You

“Deep sorrow often has the effect of stripping life of pretense, vanity, and waste… It forces us to ask basic questions about what is most important in life…
That is why many people who suffer sudden and severe loss often become different people.”

Gerald Sittser

2. 2014 A Life Lost - February 1st - 2 Spirit of Barbados