Cry the Beloved Country

2013 Song 3

Under African blue skies,
on the red soil of the continent of my birth,
they sang and danced,
their song turning poverty into art!

This is the way of things….
The complexity and the conflict.
To appreciate their melodic voices and enthusiasm for the task,
while hating the exploitation and vulgarity of the begging.

My heart sings the song of Africa…..
It knows the tension…
ashamed but proud
beauty in the messiness
glory amongst the indignity
pain and Love entwined

Under African blue skies,
my heart’s song:
“Cry the Beloved Country” 

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Today I’m linking up again with the other writers at Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday (a flashmob of writers who write for five minutes on a prompt without over editing, backtracking or worrying too much about getting it exactly right AND then go on to encourage others who have participated)
This week’s word:  Song….

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