Dealing with the Unexpected

4. 2013 February - Unexpected - Walking in Rain 1Life is really never completely what one expects, is it? Today we had plans for an outing that needed sun….. instead it’s wet, windy and cold. One chooses an optimistic outlook, another sees the day ahead through the grey mist of disappointment!

It has me thinking: to be thankful for outcomes that turn in our favour is easy. It is far less comfortable to embrace an unanticipated change for the worse.

The one I love has always said “life is all about expectations”! Does that mean, in order to avoid pain and irritation, we are supposed to have bland plans and thoughts? Or is there some other way to look forward to this gloriously-messy life?

Is the problem in the expectation or in the way we handle the unexpected?

Are we even able to control how we react to circumstances and encounters or is it already predetermined by our personality and the circumstances of our lives?

How can one stay hopeful in the face of an inordinate number of challenges?

So this morning I am wondering, how do we live life with the joy of one who embraces the unexpected? How does a person give thanks in all circumstances in a deeply real way that is not just the mask of putting on a ‘brave-face’?

4. 2013 February - Unexpected - Grey Day

4. 2013 February - Unexpected - Sunny Day 2