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The challenge, for me, seems to be not to make sweeping statements or view situations, days, people or objects in one uniform way. When I do I miss the opportunity to enjoy Life in its abundance. This world was too fearfully and wonderfully made for there to be any ordinary thing.

Each ordinary snowflake magnificent different in its design.
An ordinary hand so complex in its construction that it defies imitation.
Every ordinary orange, individual in form and flavour.
Ordinary lives, extraordinary in their detail and story.
No ordinary day, each one remarkable in time and space offering unique opportunities to know the bitter with the sweet.

The problem is not with this world and its appearances of sameness but my inability to look deeper and notice the glory. Everything is beautifully different – even that which I assume is neither noteworthy or distinguished enough to warrant my attention. As I slow down and pay attention to the detail, as I look deeper into the common I find myself full of awe and gratitude and my eyes move heavenward in wonder and worship.

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  1. Found you through 5-minute Friday. It is so true how when we stop to deeply gaze we are filled with Worship and awe towards God! Thank you for the reminder to stop! I love various cultures by the way. ;-)

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