Many Countries in the Same Space

I was fortunate when in London in September to see Yoko Ono’s Exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery: Into the Light. It was a free exhibition as part of the London 2012 Festival. Incredibly interactive it had an underlying message of love, peace and freedom. I was fascinated by the charmingly primitive nature of her work.

Some of her simple concepts resonate with where I find myself in my world right now. On one canvas were the words:
many rooms, many dreams, many countries in the same space
Another, ‘Three Mounds’ was exactly that – Mounds of dirt, each labelled as Country A, B, and C (attempting to blur the invisible frontiers between countries at war).
All of this has me thinking about how under the surface the difference between countries is less than we think…….
…that people across the world are connected more than we realize…..
It has me contemplating similarities and the common ground we share:……in relationships, love of beauty, hope, pain, joy and the pursuit of Love.
It has inspired me to focus more on people’s shared stories
and to concentrate less on the tension…
and more on the harmony fashioned by the opportunities of my own life!