Letter to My Teenage Self

My dearest child, I wish you already knew how loved and accepted you are but that will take a while….
Instead I watch you always on the edge of every social circle; you have many friends but no “kindred spirit”. I know it bothers you but it will also be your strength. It is teaching you compassion for outsiders and through these years you will learn to be inclusive and to understand situations from different people’s perspectives. As a result of not having ‘one crowd’ you will not be tied down to one group or one place and will always be open to different adventures and people. Mostly it will be the reason that you will put your faith in Jesus at a young age and it will be the best thing you ever do. In Him you will come to know acceptance and over the years you will begin to live above the lies that you are in some way ‘defective’ and ‘miss the mark’. Yes, your faith makes you feel a bit of an “Outsider” in your family and among friends but because of your relationship with Him you will know rest and Truth and it will all be worth it.
You have great courage and are prepared to stand up for what is wrong. This will allow you to be a leader in your family and in your community and your years of being independent of the crowd will prepare you for standing up for political and social issues that you feel strongly about and are not popular. While your ‘principles’ are admirable they can also be judgmental and unloving, as a result I so long for you to occasionally soften your position. Fortunately, over the years you will come to understand the danger of standing on values and not on Love, but living from that understanding will be a life-long process.
Lighten up :)!! I want to encourage you to take life a little less seriously, to have more fun, to laugh more and be less anxious about outcomes. Life was made for laughter and sadly you do not do enough of it. Surround yourself with friends and people who do! Allow yourself to make mistakes, the lesson of loosening our grip on self-protection is one you could benefit from learning early.
You have an exciting life ahead. Do not be so fearful. You will come to understand life as a great and exciting undertaking. Not only will you travel and live in different cultures but you will know the adventure and the reality of the miraculous moments and the freedom of an abundant Life in Christ, no matter where you are.
Enjoy every moment. It goes too fast!