Boot Camp

“Boot Camp”
A few mornings a week I am fortunate to join some beautiful woman out in the sun to exercise, laugh and enjoy health together. These glorious ladies of various ages are an inspiration to me.
Sometimes when I look down a line of us all running, skipping or doing sit-ups I have to smile. In many ways my day is made. How fortunate for me that some of the “Yummy Mummies” were so welcoming, patient, encouraging and allowed me to join their established workout!
Before starting my day I am privileged to enjoy the gift of friendship across about a 35 year age gap and so, during the challenge of exercise, I often see the glory of life…
Older and younger extending empathy to one another: both ‘groups’ succeeding because of their strengths and the support of community. The older ladies, of which I am one, refuse to succumb to the inevitable plague of age which they are already experiencing in their bodies – steadfast and resolute – tenaciously embracing every, breathless moment. The younger girls and “Yummy Mummies” still able to achieve (or at least hope for) picture-perfect bodies are full of unbridled zeal – their passion infectious. Together we all make a formidable group of enthusiasm!

As another “homeless” friend in the group shared with me: “I have to tell you its the highlight of my week to bond with such amazing women, to me they are my bosom buddies and like my family as I don’t have that here. I even said to one of the other women – I dont think they realize how much they mean to me”.
In this season of our lives, we are the fortunate few…
…with health and time to enjoy an hour exercising together each morning
For this I am three times a week THANKFUL!!

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  1. I think it’s good to write down and remember who we are wniritg for and our goals. It keeps us focused on our purpose, instead of how many times we Twittered or Facebooked today or how many blog posts we’re going to try to get written that week. Those things are necessary, of course, to build our audience, but it can suck some of the joy out of blogging when those things take too much prominence in our thought time.We have similar reasons for blogging. I write to process my own experiences, which helps me be a better mom and wife. But I also have a real desire to help other moms who might be able to learn from my mistakes and experiences. It stinks to learn everything the hard way!Congrats on your SITS Day!Mothering From Scratch recently posted..

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