Boot Camp

“Boot Camp”
A few mornings a week I am fortunate to join some beautiful woman out in the sun to exercise, laugh and enjoy health together. These glorious ladies of various ages are an inspiration to me.
Sometimes when I look down a line of us all running, skipping or doing sit-ups I have to smile. In many ways my day is made. How fortunate for me that some of the “Yummy Mummies” were so welcoming, patient, encouraging and allowed me to join their established workout!
Before starting my day I am privileged to enjoy the gift of friendship across about a 35 year age gap and so, during the challenge of exercise, I often see the glory of life…
Older and younger extending empathy to one another: both ‘groups’ succeeding because of their strengths and the support of community. The older ladies, of which I am one, refuse to succumb to the inevitable plague of age which they are already experiencing in their bodies – steadfast and resolute – tenaciously embracing every, breathless moment. The younger girls and “Yummy Mummies” still able to achieve (or at least hope for) picture-perfect bodies are full of unbridled zeal – their passion infectious. Together we all make a formidable group of enthusiasm!

As another “homeless” friend in the group shared with me: “I have to tell you its the highlight of my week to bond with such amazing women, to me they are my bosom buddies and like my family as I don’t have that here. I even said to one of the other women – I dont think they realize how much they mean to me”.
In this season of our lives, we are the fortunate few…
…with health and time to enjoy an hour exercising together each morning
For this I am three times a week THANKFUL!!

Enjoying Life

I have been trying to live expectantly each day, alert to what God may be doing around me. Part of that includes trying to live with the awareness that even before I open my eyes on a morning, before I stretch out or jump up, that I am blessed with every good gift and deeply loved and accepted, that there is no need for me to “prove myself” – I am free to be me! It’s a constant struggle because my spiritual brain seems to have a hard time living from my belovedness where there is no need to strive. In addition, registering God outside the traditional few avenues where I first knew Him (church, socializing with Christian friends, workshops) is often a challenge. I do, however, know better ….and if I stop or slow down I become aware of His continual presence and love relationship with me. What my heart longs for is an ‘an ever-fuller realization of the Christ communion’. It is in these moments that I know my life has purpose and that I am living my destiny.
Here are just some of the times and places over the last few weeks (in no special order) where I was deeply aware of my Union and hence felt fully alive….
1. The privilege of watching inter-school tennis with the English summer-sun on my back
2. A day of friendship, puppy love and the beauty of an English garden
3. Quiet days of introspection and contemplation
4. Listening to the inner voice of Love and not the dissatisfaction and criticisms of my flesh
5. Choosing to forgive myself for stupid mistakes
6. Enjoying my children all together again
7. Walking in soggy shoes with forgotten umbrella
8. Having tough discussions about identity with struggling Third Culture Kids
9.  Loving the visit of a long-distance sister
10. Celebrating birthdays and Life together just because we could
Looking at this list, there is part of my performance flesh that wonders if this is enough….if God doesn’t ‘expect’ more….and then I remember the words of Teresa of Avila:
Just these two words He spoke changed my life, “Enjoy Me.”
What a burden I thought I was to carry – a crucifix, as did He.
Love once said to me, “I know a song, would you like to hear it?”
And laughter came from every brick in the street and from every pore in the sky.
After a night of prayer, He changed my life when He sang, “Enjoy Me.”
That is the heart of what I most want from my life… to enjoy Him and know Him everywhere!